Trip Day 9

Since Yarmouth is on Cape Cod, we wanted to see what the beach was like up north. So we spent about 20 minutes walking on the beach. It is cold!! We are still in shorts and short sleeve shirts. We definitely were not prepared to come up north, even in the late spring. Now we are headed to New Bedford to pick up one of three dogs on our trip home. Some of the things we noticed on this trip is that Northerners use their car horns way more than we do in Texas. Also, they spend lots of time either just sitting in traffic or speeding past cars when they can. Something else that we don’t have that is common up here are the Roundabouts, and our mile markers are in whole numbers; whereas up here, they can be in tenths or two tenths. Seems like you could save lots of money on signs by them just being by the mile.

Cape Cod Beach

New Bedford seems to be an older city that has lots to do with whaling. There is even a cobblestone road. We pick up the dog, who we nickname Precious. She is a sweet American Bulldog who is absolutely terrified. We pass through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York again. This time we are further north in New York so the traffic is not quite as bad. We are now driving in the Hudson River Valley and drive through the Taconic Mountains. We see the exit to Poughkeepsie. It brings back memories of my Dad because he used to travel there for his job. Now we are in Clearfield, Pennsylvania and picking up a beautiful Akita puppy. Just past Clearfield we passed the highest point on this road on this side of the Mississippi River – 2250 Ft. We kept driving through the Allegany National Forest and stopped for the night in Clarion, Pa.

New Bedford Cobblestone Road

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