Water Water Everywhere Photo Challenge

Sorry for the inconvenience, but now I realize why I can’t have this as its own page. It needs to be a post.

Today, I am starting a second photo challenge having to do with water. The challenge will be ongoing. Please feel free to post your photos of anything that goes into or has anything to do with water. The only thing I ask is not to post pictures of specific people. This is meant to be more of a scenery/nature post. Please post on your blog and put the link in the comments of this post. Tag with WWE and Water Water Everywhere. You can post anytime and how often you like. I hope everyone enjoys this and thanks for stopping by.

25 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere Photo Challenge

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  2. So sorry that this happened. I don’t know why. There is one site that I follow that keeps telling me not to open things and I don’t because I I don’t know enough about the site to do so. But if it is just the reply on your post, I don’t have any ideas. Hopefully this one will go through ok.


  3. Hey, I got a comment from 2019tv on my water post, but I’ve got a warning that it’s spam. I’m not sure if there’s a setting or something, but it seems unlikely, looking at your blog.


  4. Gayle,
    First thank you for joining my challenge. Your picture is beautiful! However, the name is the WWE or Water Water Everywhere Challenge, not WOTD. Please continue sending your wonderful pictures, but I just wanted it to be correctly linked to the other photos that will be posted. Have a great day!

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