Unexpected Outing

Saturday, my son called about mid-morning. He asked if we wanted tickets to the musical at Fair Park Music Hall which was “Fiddler on the Roof.” The day before we both got the second shingles shot, and apparently we were having a reaction to it because we were both very achy. Luckily, we decided to go to the musical anyway. It was wonderful.

When I was first dating, way back when, I went to the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” on one of my first dates. So it brought back lots of memories. This film is one of my all-timed favorites. It has no sex, very little violence (no one actually gets killed), and has a terrific plot which is loosely based on history, and it is a musical. The world could use more entertainment like this.

Pictures were not allowed so I had to take this at the intermission.

Growing Older

I’m curious if anyone else feels like I do. Please respond by leaving comments below.

To begin with, I am a 65+ year old grandmother of twelve wonderful grandchildren. And yes, I definitely feel that my body is not exactly in the shape it was when I was a teenager. It’s harder to do things, and I get tired much easier than when I was younger. But that little feeling inside of me, you know the voice that some call your conscience, it still feels like I’m a teenager. Maybe that’s where the old saying about being young at heart came from?

My question is: Do you feel the same way or not? Will that part of me ever feel like I’ve grown up?

Home, Sweet, Home!

I always enjoy getting to go places, but coming home is also quite special. Getting away helps me to appreciate all the blessings that I have back home. Our trip was a lot of fun! We enjoyed the beach and fishing with my son and his family. At other times, we just did some things on our own. Thankfully, we had a safe trip and now we need to catch up on things around the house. I really appreciate everyone who continued to post to the BOTD challenge and to all of you who commented I will try to get to all of them sometimes soon. But starting tomorrow, I will be back on track and show and tell you about the trip.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Taking a Trip

For the next seven days, I will be gone on a trip with five of my grandchildren. I have posts scheduled for the entire time, although I may not have internet service so I won’t be responding to comments until I get home. When I do get home, it may take me a while; or I may just have to start up from that day, if there are too many. Please continue stopping by even if I can’t link up to the FOTD challenge, the pictures will still show up, including BOTD pics. I can’t wait till I get back to tell you all about the trip. I am looking forward to hearing from you when I get back. Stay safe!!

Good morning!

I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and joining in the BOTD challenge. Also, thank you Cee for adding my challenge to your list. I’m out of town right now but should be home tonight. I will try to catch up on all comments by tomorrow. We are taking two of our grandkids to the Johnson Space Center. Have a great day!

Damages by Straight Line Winds

The day after we left on our Cyclone trip, I called home to talk to my husband. He said that Dallas had some terrible weather. He had been driving home from one of our grandson’s baseball games and had to pull over. He sat there in hail, luckily small hail about the size of a nickel, for 15-20 minutes and that was followed by about 20 minutes of sheets of rain and wind. The power was off for the next three days. It sounded really bad, but nothing was like driving back into town and seeing the damage firsthand. Our car had $3900 of hail damage, including the side view mirror being broken. Here are pictures that I took today exactly two weeks from the date this incident occurred. We are expecting strong storms again tonight. Please pray for everyone affected by the weather.

Broken passenger side mirror
House that had been hit by tree
One of many trees damaged
Trash pile like one in front of nearly every house in East Dallas