New Photo Challenge : BOTD

I would like to start a photo challenge called Bird of the Day! I would appreciate you following my blog, and whenever you feel like posting, post a picture of a bird. After posting the picture on your site, please tag your photo With Granny Shot It and BOTD along with any other tags you would like to use. If you know the name of the bird, I’m sure everyone would appreciate you adding that to your post. If you don’t know its name, just posting the picture is fine. Let’s just have fun with this! Have a great day!

Crested Caracara

We saw this beautiful bird sitting on a road sign while we were on a trip to North Padre Island and the National Seashore.

29 thoughts on “New Photo Challenge : BOTD

  1. Thank you for joining us. Hopefully, we can all teach each other about the different types of birds, especially the ones we will never have a chance to see in person.

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  2. I am so grateful to the “Backyard Bird Nerd” Kathy for introducing us to your blog, Granny! We often post articles dedicated to the different species of South African birds we’ve encountered.

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  3. I sent her a message through Contact Us, but have not received a reply. If there is a link to do so myself, I’d appreciate you sending it. Thanks!


  4. You are welcome..I have you on my favorites bar so will post every day. You should post your challenge on Cee’s site as she has a section where people do so. Do you know her blog? If not, I’ll send a link.
    She has a wide following so it could bring you lots of participants.

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