15 thoughts on “BOTD: September 16, 2019 Screech Owl

  1. That’s probably wise. One must try to remember that they are indeed wild. The squirrels in my back yard are living the life of Riley. They’ve started turning their noses up to the peanuts I leave out for them. This is because I make my 97-year-old uncle a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every morning. After I cut off the crusts, (he’s very picky) I throw them into the brush in the back yard. The squirrels have developed a taste for them. I thought our fox was eating them, but I saw one holding a crust in his paws, nibbling away like a champ.

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful to develop a rapport with animals in the wild? I always feel honored and blessed when such relationships develop. Back in the Eighties I worked for Georgetown University’s law library. We had a squirrel there who eventually would take peanuts in the shell right from my hand and open them in front of me, consume them and wait for more. Sometimes I’d devote my entire 30 minute lunch break to him. Being both unoriginal and prosaic, I dubbed him “Peanut.” I think he must have come from this tribe of squirrel on Capital Hill, in front of Union Station that were famous for their relaxed attitude to humans. Many of them would accept treats directly from human hands. I wonder if they are still around?

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  3. Yes, several summers ago we were having a drought. We left water in the birdbaths everyday for the birds and a family of screech owls would come every night right after it got dark.

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