BOTD 8-1-19

Dallas Zoo Bird Show Grey Crowned Crane from Africa

14 thoughts on “BOTD 8-1-19

  1. Judy, could you click on my photo challenges category and put that in your favorites. I usually post the bird early in the morning so it is at the top of the category every day. Would that help you?


  2. When someone posts a prompt I intend to pursue, I put a link to it in my favorites. That’s impossible to do if it is necessary to post on a different page each time. Every other prompt I follow has one page you can go to that will give you a link to the new page to post it on..Not expressed very clearly, but thinking you would find more people making use to your prompt if it were easier to use. Cee might be able to tell you how to do this..(By the way, I didn’t know how to do this when I posted a prompt, either. I just had them post on the original page which isn’t ideal, either.) I think once you get it set up it will be simple, though.


  3. I would appreciate if you link to the actual day, not the original. I just got back from my trip. Thanks for helping me to keep this going!!


  4. OMG.. He/she certainly overdressed for the occasion. Granny, I’ve been posting birds every day but wonder if I’m supposed to be posting them to your post each time. I’ve been posting to your original prompt site..


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