BOTD: What’s for Breakfast?

One day I was sitting out in the backyard just drinking coffee and watching the birds at our bird-feeder. Suddenly, all the birds began to scatter, but it was too late for one poor dove. From high in the air, a hawk came swooping down and captured that dove. At first the hawk landed in our grass, so I ran in to get the camera. As I slowly moved closer, he would move further out in the yard. He landed in the garden where we grow our okra, which had not come up yet, with the dove still in his claws. He sat there for a few minutes, and then picked up his food and flew away, only leaving a scattering of feathers.

9 thoughts on “BOTD: What’s for Breakfast?

  1. Unfortunately, you are correct. Everything has to eat. I just feel bad when the hawk gets a bird from our feeder. We are trying to help the birds, and it seems that we could actually be causing harm. But we continue to feed them.

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  2. Good photo of the hawk. Guess he has to eat, too, but poor little dove. We see a hawk around here sometimes, and they are fast. Mostly though the cats catch a dove that is too slow. I hate it, but that’s what happens in nature.

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