The Dallas Arboretum July 12

Dallas has a world class arboretum. Visitors come from all over the world to see the lovely flowers and exhibits. We visited today to see an exhibit that is being shown there. It is by Gary Lee Price and is titled “Celebrate the Children.” In various parts of the arboretum the statues are tucked away. The first set of statues is right at the entrance of the gardens.

In the garden area where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown near the Tasteful Place building are two statues, a boy and girl holding a basket of produce. In this area, you can taste samples of food. The recipes are on the website. They also have cooking demos. Across from the building is a covered area with fans, where you can sit and cool off on hot summer days while looking out on a water fountain.

As you walk back to the main garden area, there is an area full of beds of different flowers. In this area, there is a statue of a small boy with a watering can.

Further down on the left side in front of the Degolya house are statues of children jumping on pogo sticks. The Degolya house is the house where the original owners of the property used to live. At Christmas, an exhibit of thousands of Nativity scenes or Nutcrackers is set up in the house.

Back in an open area where children can play another set of statues sits. It is of children playing ring a round the rosie. As you walk down the path across from the walkway to the frog fountains and the restaurant, another statue resides. It shows children jumping out from a globe. A little further down the path to the right is a statue of a baseball player. Then along the main walkway there is a wonderful statue of two young children carrying a basket of flowers.

There are five other sets of statues of children in the main garden. There may be others in the Children’s Garden, but we did not visit that area. My favorite two are the following.

I have many other pictures of the arboretum. They are on my facebook page: If you would like to see them, please go to that site.

Also, if you need any other information on the Arboretum, please visit their website:

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