Day 8: Finally We Took a Break

We finally made it to Massachusetts, and for the time being, we had no animals with us. My husband’s family came to this country in the 16-1700s from England. The first ancestor that we can trace back lived around Weymouth, Massachusetts. So we at least wanted to drive there and see what it looked like. Basically, now it is just a suburb of Boston. So since we were that close, we decided to spend the day wandering around Boston. We parked in a garage that had spaces so close that I thought we would never get in or out of there. The attendant actually offered to park, but my daughter decided to do so herself with him giving her directions.

Boston Harbor

Then we wandered up to the main street. We were at a wharf that was directly on Boston Harbor. Wow! Who knew that I would ever see the place where the Boston Tea Party took place. It was a wonderful opportunity to explain history to my granddaughter who is homeschooled.

There was some type of event going on where lots of venders were selling various products. There were many beautiful items, but honestly as crowded as the SUV was, they would never have made it home. We looked at the buildings, parks and the harbor with all the boats. We stopped at State Street Provisions for lunch. The thing that I had looked forward to the whole trip was getting to eat clam chowder and lobster. This restaurant was absolutely amazing! My granddaughter got the chowder and my daughter and I split an order of chowder and a lobster roll. With the lobster roll, you had a choice of salad, fries or half and half. I got the half and half because I knew my granddaughter would eat the fries after her chowder. That lobster roll had a lemon zest on it and was chunks of lobster on a toasted roll. It was absolutely the best food that I had on the entire trip. If you are ever in Boston, I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

Clam Chowder and Lobster Roll at State Street Provisions

After eating, we walked around looking at two beautiful churches: St. Leonard’s and St. Stephen’s. They were both very old, built in the 1700s. St. Leonard’s was much more ornate and reminded me of the painted churches here in Texas.

After attending Mass at St. Stephen’s, we left Boston and drove to Yarmouth. It had been a very relaxing and interesting day!

Trip Day 7

Just to let you know, we got rain every single day of this trip except the day we went to the beach. Once we reached Pennsylvania, the traffic really started to pick up. We crossed into New Jersey and pulled over to get gas. We didn’t know that they are required to pump your gas for you in Jersey. They also have boro and townships. Both of them are forms of municipal government.

Next we crossed into New York. My granddaughter wanted to go to New York City but the closest we could do on this trip was to be about 20 miles from the Statue of Liberty. The traffic in New York was awful. It was almost bumper to bumper the entire way.

A little before 1 pm we, we drove into Connecticut. The traffic was still horrible. We noticed that there were no city limits, but they did have town lines. The terrain is still rocky and hilly.

Mystic, Connecticut

Around 4pm we arrived in Rhode Island. We pulled over at the Welcome Center to use the facilities. I’m not sure if they were doing construction on the sight or not, but they only had port-a-potties.

Just after 5 pm, we got to Attelboro, Massachusetts. We found a Motel 6 in Seekonk, R.I. because we were not able to deliver Lincoln until the next morning. By this time you can tell that we are starting to get tired. We have driven for days seeing only things from a moving car in the rain.

Trip Day 5 and 6

This was a very long day of driving. We were on the road by 7:25 am. We drove through much of Georgia, South Carolina and even crossed into North Carolina where we crossed the Eastern Continental Divide. We were meeting the couple that Bia went to most of the way up Roan Mountain. We didn’t realize that you could go up to the mountain from the North Carolina side or from the Tennessee side. We went up the North Carolina side, which was long and winding, although very beautiful scenery. When we met the couple, we got out of the car in shorts and t-shirts. Surprise!! It was 54 degrees! The couple had on jackets and long pants. We hadn’t planned for weather this cold on this trip. Walmart here we come!

Taken from car through windshield

We went down the mountain on the Tennessee side. It was much shorter, and still had beautiful scenery. A stream ran along side of the road. We pulled over to take pictures and someone was flyfishing. I know so many guys back home that would have loved to have been doing that.

Stream coming down Roan Mountain on the Tennessee Side

We drove through Elizabethton, Tennessee, the home of Jason Whitton, one of our Dallas Cowboys!! We stopped in Chilhowie, Virginia. All of us crashed, and we had no trouble sleeping.

The next day, we drove through W. Virginia for about 32 miles and crossed into Maryland for about eleven miles. Then we drove through Pennsylvania for what seemed like forever. We saw the exit for Hershey, Pa. but we didn’t stop until we reached Shartlesville which is north of Reading, Pa. We slept well.

Damages by Straight Line Winds

The day after we left on our Cyclone trip, I called home to talk to my husband. He said that Dallas had some terrible weather. He had been driving home from one of our grandson’s baseball games and had to pull over. He sat there in hail, luckily small hail about the size of a nickel, for 15-20 minutes and that was followed by about 20 minutes of sheets of rain and wind. The power was off for the next three days. It sounded really bad, but nothing was like driving back into town and seeing the damage firsthand. Our car had $3900 of hail damage, including the side view mirror being broken. Here are pictures that I took today exactly two weeks from the date this incident occurred. We are expecting strong storms again tonight. Please pray for everyone affected by the weather.

Broken passenger side mirror
House that had been hit by tree
One of many trees damaged
Trash pile like one in front of nearly every house in East Dallas