Damages by Straight Line Winds

The day after we left on our Cyclone trip, I called home to talk to my husband. He said that Dallas had some terrible weather. He had been driving home from one of our grandson’s baseball games and had to pull over. He sat there in hail, luckily small hail about the size of a nickel, for 15-20 minutes and that was followed by about 20 minutes of sheets of rain and wind. The power was off for the next three days. It sounded really bad, but nothing was like driving back into town and seeing the damage firsthand. Our car had $3900 of hail damage, including the side view mirror being broken. Here are pictures that I took today exactly two weeks from the date this incident occurred. We are expecting strong storms again tonight. Please pray for everyone affected by the weather.

Broken passenger side mirror
House that had been hit by tree
One of many trees damaged
Trash pile like one in front of nearly every house in East Dallas

5 thoughts on “Damages by Straight Line Winds

  1. Becca, I agree. We have had way more tree damage than I can ever remember. There is still tree debris in front of almost every house in East Dallas. I was out of town, but my husband was here. The car had hail damage but other than a medium limb falling in the yard we were fine. Thanks for asking.

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  2. OMG — that is a lot of damage to trees — Mother Nature is relentless. Hopefully, y’all were OK.

    For some reason, I do not remember (or it’s been a while) getting the amount of rain, hail, and wind that we have had (in Central TX) as we have this past couple of months. Thank you for sharing!

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