Trip Day 7

Just to let you know, we got rain every single day of this trip except the day we went to the beach. Once we reached Pennsylvania, the traffic really started to pick up. We crossed into New Jersey and pulled over to get gas. We didn’t know that they are required to pump your gas for you in Jersey. They also have boro and townships. Both of them are forms of municipal government.

Next we crossed into New York. My granddaughter wanted to go to New York City but the closest we could do on this trip was to be about 20 miles from the Statue of Liberty. The traffic in New York was awful. It was almost bumper to bumper the entire way.

A little before 1 pm we, we drove into Connecticut. The traffic was still horrible. We noticed that there were no city limits, but they did have town lines. The terrain is still rocky and hilly.

Mystic, Connecticut

Around 4pm we arrived in Rhode Island. We pulled over at the Welcome Center to use the facilities. I’m not sure if they were doing construction on the sight or not, but they only had port-a-potties.

Just after 5 pm, we got to Attelboro, Massachusetts. We found a Motel 6 in Seekonk, R.I. because we were not able to deliver Lincoln until the next morning. By this time you can tell that we are starting to get tired. We have driven for days seeing only things from a moving car in the rain.

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