Water Water Everywhere: August 21, 2019 Alligators

One of our favorite places to go when we go to Louisiana is in LaPlace, about twenty-five miles outside of New Orleans. A company called Cajun Pride Swamp Tours offers a unique experience that is both educational and entertaining, a tour of a swamp. This sounds like a place that you would use tons of bug spray, but one of the interesting facts that I learned on this tour is that mosquitoes do not live in the swamp.

We have taken two sets of our grandchildren on this tour so far. They have both had such a terrific time seeing the wildlife, especially the alligators. The captains of the boats which carry about 30-40 people each are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the swamp and also about Louisiana history in general. They present this information in a way that makes you think and also has you laughing at their down home humor.

We have seen lots of alligators on this tour because apparently they like marshmallows. When they hear the engines of the boat, they come out because they are waiting to be fed this treat. The highlight of the trip is when everyone is allowed to hold a baby alligator, if they want to.

So, for an experience that is different and very enjoyable, I would recommend taking this tour if you are ever in Louisiana. The website for the company is https://www.cajunprideswamptours.com

Cyclone Trip – Day 1

My daughter arrived about 12:30 pm to pick me up for the trip. She opened the back hatch of her car and let a two year old Doberman out. Ok, I know I agreed to go with her on this trip, but I am terrified of Dobermans. He was such a beautiful dog; so I walked up to him, and he started licking me. That helped me to feel much more comfortable about the situation. He was nervous, but quiet and sweet. We made several stops for him to have breaks and drove until about 11 pm. We hoped to get to Mobile, but since she picked me up so late, we only made it to Lucedale, Mississippi.

I held the leash with the dog on it in the motel room, and my daughter brought in this giant dog crate that holds dogs up to 100 pounds. Thank goodness we were on the first floor. Also, we didn’t know it until the next day, but he was used to sleeping with his owner. So after putting some food in the crate to get him in, we closed the door, and he started scratching the floor of the crate. Well, the poor dog had been stuck in that crate for nine hours, and he wanted nothing to do with it. So we finally decided that we had to let him out. He immediately went between the beds that we were sleeping in, laid on the floor and went to sleep.

About 2:30 am, the dog jumped up and began pacing to and from the door. He startled me, so I woke up and was watching him. I would have taken him out, but I was afraid he was too strong for me; so I woke my daughter up. She was still half asleep and said to give her five minutes. I know my daughter and this is going to be the first of five minutes again and again. She always hits the snooze button on her alarm at least three times. The dog waited a few minutes and must have been getting desperate so he put his front paws on her back and gently pushed her. My daughter’s eyes popped open, and she asked me what had just happened. I was laughing so hard, I could hardly talk, but got out enough information for her to know that she better take the dog out right now. Where was this wonderful creature when she was going to school and refusing to get up in the morning!! I just wish I could have gotten a video of this event. It truly was priceless! —To be continued.