Anyone else having this problem??

Usually I check my email to see the likes, comments, approvals, etc. on my blog. Starting today, almost every email I go into is saying suspicious activity and so I don’t go any further. I will try to see what I can do through reader. But if I happen to miss anyone, please forgive me. I’ll give it a few days and see what happens. Maybe it will stop as abruptly as it started.

6 thoughts on “Anyone else having this problem??

  1. YES! and many of the people I follow somehow I was no longer following. Very annoying. I realized they were not showing up in my reader and went to their blogs to find I was no longer following,

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  2. Donna, thanks for your reply. Luckily, after I shut down and went back in everything was working as usual. I knew everyone was not a problem, but with all the hacks that keep going on these days, I hate to chance it. I’ve cleaned way too many computers in my lifetime. It seems like you have to work on them more than they work for you. LOL!


  3. I am not having your problem and I use email as well. I don’t use WP reader. Did your computer update this morning or overnight? The first thing I do now when I have weird things going on with any of my programs, I shut everything down and turn off my computer, give it a minute, then power back on. That usually takes care of my issues and is what my son tells me to do. If it doesn’t fix it….then I call my son! 🙂

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