Damages by Straight Line Winds

The day after we left on our Cyclone trip, I called home to talk to my husband. He said that Dallas had some terrible weather. He had been driving home from one of our grandson’s baseball games and had to pull over. He sat there in hail, luckily small hail about the size of a nickel, for 15-20 minutes and that was followed by about 20 minutes of sheets of rain and wind. The power was off for the next three days. It sounded really bad, but nothing was like driving back into town and seeing the damage firsthand. Our car had $3900 of hail damage, including the side view mirror being broken. Here are pictures that I took today exactly two weeks from the date this incident occurred. We are expecting strong storms again tonight. Please pray for everyone affected by the weather.

Broken passenger side mirror
House that had been hit by tree
One of many trees damaged
Trash pile like one in front of nearly every house in East Dallas

How I Got the Shot

In August 2011, we were experiencing a drought in North Texas. We decided to put a birdbath in the yard so that the birds could drink water and cool off. As an unexpected consequence, we began having a family of owls visit our backyard nightly for about a month. Every night, just as it got dark, two owls would fly in and land somewhere in our backyard, and eventually they would make their way to the birdbath. We started sitting on our patio so that we could watch them. We would be very still and suddenly without making a sound, they would appear. Being a novice photographer, it was unbearable to think that I wouldn’t be able to capture a decent picture of these beautiful creatures. But every time I would move, even just to lift up my camera, they would fly off. After about a week of the birds watching us and us watching them, they became slightly more relaxed around us. I was even able to take a picture of them. But in the dark, at the distance I was taking the photo from, they just weren’t good enough. So I hatched a plan. I brought a flashlight out with me, and every night I began shining it on the owls. The first few times, they’d fly away, but eventually, they got used to it. I’m not sure if it was because the light was “blinding” them or they just were more comfortable with me, but I slowly started moving closer to them. So every evening, I would go outside, turn on the flashlight, move a little closer and take a few pictures.

One night, we noticed a third, smaller owl. We decided that the original two must have been its parents. Because he was younger and less fearful, I was able to get relatively close to him, even with the flashlight and the camera clicking away. If you would like to see the pictures that I got that night, please visit my Etsy Shop. There are three pictures listed, two full sized and one smaller. It is smaller because I cropped it from a different picture to show the owl’s gorgeous eyes.

Please look around the shop. I hope you enjoy all of my pictures.


The Journey Begins

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m hoping that we can become friends and learn a little about each other and our interests.  I’m going to start by telling you a little about myself.  I am a 65+ year old grandmother of twelve amazing grandchildren.   I enjoy doing lots of things, but the main thing that I am interested in is photography.  It is a hobby that I started about nine years ago, and I am self taught, thanks to the internet.   I am not a professional by any means, but somewhere in the middle of my journey.  I do have a small shop that I just started a few weeks ago on Etsy.  It goes by the same name as this blog:  Granny Shot It.  I would really appreciate you stopping by and looking at my photos.  Purchases, of course,  would be awesome, but if you would be able to share the store link with all of your friends and acquaintances, I would be really happy.  I also would appreciate any comments and constructive criticism that you would be willing to give.


Last week we visited relatives in Arkansas.  We had a great time with them and loved seeing them, as we had not done so for a while.  But the trip  was somewhat eye opening to say the least.  They have lived in Arkansas for about five years now.  Everytime we have gone to their house, we pass Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma.  Every year we have commented on how low the lake was.  Last year we even said that if we didn’t get rain soon, it looked like it would dry up.  Well, thanks to El Nino of 2019 that is no longer the case.   The lake is full almost to the brim.   But when we passed the Arkansas River on Interstate 40, we were in total shock.  Sure, you hear on the news there’s lots of flooding this spring.  You even see pictures on the news.  But to actually see a river above its banks and that water flowing into the nearby fields, is truly shocking.    On the way home, the water was so high in the fields that it looked like it would cross the interstate soon.

We like to fish at the dam at Lake Texoma.  That is another place that has been extremely dry for the last few years.  Since we passed right there on our way home, we decided to drive to the dam to see how fast it was flowing.  This is the fastest I have ever personally seen the dam flowing.  The Red River has been very low also, but with the water gushing out of the dam, it is filling up quite rapidly.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Luckily, we made the trip home safely, but now I have a new insight into how much of the country is having to deal with the flooding problems.  I will keep them all in my prayers and hopefully, the government will help these poor folks sooner rather than later.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton