Unusual Vegetable

Several years ago, we started growing a vegetable that I have heard very little about. It looks like a lemon, but it actually is a cucumber. It has a much milder taste than a normal green cucumber, and it’s compact size makes it perfect for a snack. Sometimes I want to make a salad just for me, and most cucumbers are too big for just one person. This little cucumber is perfect!

So if you’re feeling a little adventurous or even just a little curious, you might want to try a lemon cucumber!

2 thoughts on “Unusual Vegetable

  1. Jessy,

    I’ve killed an aloe plant also so don’t feel bad. My husband is the one with the green thumb and who doesn’t mind a lot of hard work!


  2. I’ve tasted one before! So neat that you grow these! So yummy! I keep saying that I want to start a little vegetable garden at home and grow “something.” But it has to be easy, because I do not have a green thumb, sadly. This gal managed to kill an aloe plant ☹️


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