Trolley or No Trolley

The trolley stop was directly across from our motel. We had originally thought that we would ride it to just see an overview of the sights. Instead, we had a meeting to attend. We drove there not realizing that it would have been a nice walk through downtown. Because we got there 45 minutes early, we decided to walk around. We saw many of the interesting things that are available to do, although I had come to see the nature, not to do the touristy-type things. I took pictures to share with you of many of the things available to do, although we did not do any of them. After the meeting, we dropped the car off at the motel and headed back to the strip. We ate Chinese food and sampled some wine. We eventually bought some strawberry wine, which I had never had before and some chocolate caramel fudge, which I just couldn’t resist. I took more pictures and after hanging around town for quite a while, we headed back to the room so that we could leave early the next morning. Apparently, the hike up the mountain to the Falls the day before was starting to catch up with both of us.

So to answer the question: no, we didn’t end up taking any of the trolleys even though they cover many areas of town, not just downtown, and also areas in Pigeon Forge, a nearby town.

Friday morning we got up and left about 6:30am. We took a slight jog off the road in Memphis to see where Beale Street was, but decided not to spend the night like we originally planned, but to keep on driving. We ended up driving all the way home and arrived about 8:30pm. It was a long day, but a very enjoyable trip.

As a side note, during the entire trip, we saw license plates from forty-four states and three Canadian provinces.

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