7 thoughts on “BOTD: September 28, 2019 Lesser Scaup

  1. It appears that most of the spots that I’ve identified as stomping grounds for various water birds are now deserted. I suspect that they’ve migrate south. That gives me additional incentive to visit your BOTD posts in order to get my daily fix of beautiful birds of every variety. I am in absolute awe of your talent as a nature photographer. Your blog truly inspires me to improve my technique! Here is my meagre contribution for today’s challenge. Please note that I’ve created my own little logo for BOTD. If it meets with your approval, I will continue to use it for all BOTD’s. If you really like it, please feel free to make it your own! Cheers, Russell http://ecstaticeclectica.com/2019/09/28/granny-shot-it-botd-challenge-september-28-2019/

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