BOTD: August 5, 2019

Peregrine Falcon taken from a distance because I was worried he’d fly away.
Same falcon, closer up. He is having supper. He wasn’t going anywhere.

My son and his family were staying at a condo in Orange Beach, Alabama. We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express in Foley, Alabama. (This is beside the point but I would highly recommend this motel. To say that it was cleaner than I left my house is not an exaggeration.) There was a 15 mile drive between the two locations and the slower although much more interesting route took us threw the State Park in Gulf Shores. One day on the drive, I saw a peregrine falcon perched in this tree. But there was lots of traffic and no good place to pull over. So we kept going, and I kept watching to see him again. However, this particular day, we actually turned around and pulled over on the grass on the side of the road so that I could get these pictures. I was so excited because I do not remember ever having seen a peregrine falcon in the wild before, especially not this clearly.

6 thoughts on “BOTD: August 5, 2019

  1. Thanks, Gayle. I started taking pics as soon as I left the car and took them as I got closer. It wasn’t until I realized that he was eating that I figured he wouldn’t leave.


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