The Dallas Zoo

One of our favorite places to take the grandkids is the Dallas Zoo. It is always entertaining and fun because even if you’ve seen the animals before, they seem to always be doing something different. The zoo has a carousel which is a favorite with all the kids, young and old alike. Near the entrance, there are usually parrots sitting on some perches. Their bright colors start the day off right.

Then as you go passed the carousel, you arrive at the lemur area on your left. There are several different species of lemurs.

From there, you have to decide whether to go to the area with the larger animals, like elephants, giraffes, etc. or to the original area with the birds, monkeys, etc.

The last time we went, they were having a dinosaur exhibit in the older area. There is also a building that houses snakes, crocodiles, frogs and other reptiles. In the center court, there is a train ride for the smaller children. This area also has a stage where they host a show about different birds, a petting zoo and many other animals.

You enter the newer area by going through a tunnel that goes under a street to see the larger animals. These animals include gorillas, chimpanzies, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, lions, etc. The last time we were there a female gorilla had had a baby. It was one of the first days that they were able to be seen outside. Another time, there was a baby elephant.

This area has recently opened a rhino area. There is also a monorail that gives you an overview of many of the areas of the zoo. However, the last several times that we have been, the monorail was not working. I don’t know the reason it was closed; or if or when it will reopen.

Another interesting attraction is the ability to feed the giraffes. You are able to get really upclose and personal with them. The following picture does not depict this encounter, just a giraffe.

Many evenings the zoo has special programs. I have only attended one of these, and it was around Christmas. They were supposed to have one million lights, and I believe that they did.

We have spent many enjoyable days at the zoo. It is a wonderful place for families to go for an outing.

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