White Rock Lake Park

One of Dallas’ most valuable and most used assets is White Rock Lake Park. People from all over come to the park. It is a very relaxing place. Although swimming is not allowed, there is no shortage of things to do. On a typical day, many people use the trail system to exercise before or after work. They mainly walk, jog or bike. Although many rowing clubs train in the lake year round, recreational boating usually occurs in the warmer weather. Since the lake is relatively small and shallow, boats with large motors are not allowed. Sailboats and kayaks are the primary water vehicles seen.

Another activity at the lake is fishing. There are piers at various locations, but most fishing is done from the shore. The fishermen are comprised of all ages from children on their first outing, to veterans, who sometimes fish at night. Something that is totally unexpected is the number and size of large-mouth bass that can be caught along the shore, especially when they are spawning.

At the north end of the lake, the city has built a dog park where dogs can run around freely without leashes and socialize with other dogs. There is even an area where the dogs can swim, which at times can be quite amusing.

Another unique feature is a building called the Pump House. It has been restored and can be rented out for various social functions.

Egret at one of the many piers

The lake has lots of wildlike and numerous birds. Some of the wildlife includes coyotes, foxes, nutrea, beaver and even the occassional bobcat. These animals can sometimes be seen roaming the streets of the nearby neighborhoods. All types of birds stop by the lake while migrating or live there. There is a flock of monk parrots that have lived in the park for years. In the winter, white pelicans reside in the lake.

One area of the lake has been named Sunset Bay. This is where the pelicans roost in the evenings and is a wonderful place to take pictures of the setting sun.

At the southern end of the lake, there is a spillway. Lots of birds congregate there when the lake is low, but when the water is flowing over the spillway, many people come to check it out. The power of the water is an impressive thing to see.


White Rock Park is used for many activities, but one of the best is for family gatherings and picnics. It is nice to drive around the lake and see all the families playing and relaxing together without their televisions and other electronics.

The main reasons that I think Dallas is a wonderful place to live are because of the friendly people and the wonderful green spaces provided by the city, like White Rock Park.

What is your favorite thing to do when in Dallas?

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