FOTD: September 9, 2019 Poppy

Also being submitted for Fan of … Bees


Fan of … Trying New Photo Experiments

A few Christmas seasons ago, I tried to learn a new technique. I don’t think that I have quite mastered it, because the lines should be solid and smooth. It also could be caused because the lights were blinking, but I still kind of liked the effect.

Fan of … Hummingbird Moths

The first time I saw one of these lovely creatures I was confused. It was black and yellow, not colored like this one. Was it a bee? A moth? A weird hummingbird? I wasn’t sure. Then I googled it and found out that it was a hummingbird moth. They actually transform from the green hornworms that are on our tomato plants. These worms can strip a tomato plant bare in a few days, and we always thought of them as pests. Now we are careful not to kill them, just to move them to another location.

Hummingbird moths are such delicate looking creatures. Then come out right around dark and flitter here and there among our flowers. I enjoy watching them, and especially love to photograph them, although I usually have to use the flash to get a decent picture of them because it is so dark and they are so fast.