Fan of … Caterpillars

Fan of …

I am a fan of caterpillars not because they eat many of our plants but because they transform into such beautiful creatures, moths and butterflies!

Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas

We have been to this amazing museum several times. Each time it seems to have gotten larger and larger, not the buildings, but the exhibits. There are even exhibits outside of the building, which is a work of art in and of itself.

All of the artwork is quite nice, and many of the themes make you think of both times in the past and present. Some of the artists are well known, such as John James Audubon. Others are not as well known, although all of the works of art are impressive. There are various genres of art from traditional to modern and contemporary.

Entrance to the permanent exhibits is free due to the generosity of the Walton Family Foundation.

This is my absolute favorite part of the entire museum. It has been here every time that we have been to the museum. The first time we went, we debated whether this was a real person or not. I don’t think that the string was around it at the time. This is so realistic.

We saw car license plates from all over the country in the parking lot – from Maryland to Oregon. This museum is an interesting stop for those traveling through Arkansas.

To find out more about the museum go to their website.

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