Our Backyard Garden

The first things to come up in our garden every year are the wildflowers. My husband originally planted them behind the fence in our backyard. They were beautiful, and they saved cutting a little part of the grass in the yard, which is pretty large. But soon the neighbors were commenting on how wonderful they looked, and even the walkers and bikers just passing through the neighborhood were stopping and taking pictures of them.

Next my husband started a vegetable garden. It began as just a small area, and we grew some tomatoes, green beans, eggplants and squash. Then each year, he expanded the garden a little more. The next year he cleared an area behind our shed where he grew more beans and okra. Then he expanded it to an area along the fenceline – in front of the fence and on the fence – all one hundred and sixty feet of it. After that, he dug out twelve more beds, some four feet by eight feet, others twelve feet by twelve feet. Finally, we built two raised beds to grow lettuce, beets, carrots and radishes in. I’m sure, by now you have an idea of exactly how massive this garden has become. It’s a whole lot of work!! But there is nothing like picking a vegetable or herb and either eating it raw or cooking it right then. It makes eating so much more enjoyable, and do we like to eat!! The health benefits of knowing where the food comes from and what has or hasn’t been put on it are unquestionable.

These are some of the early veggies from this years garden. The radishes are some of the prettiest that we have ever grown. This year, it has stayed cool for a longer period, and we have received much more rain than we ususally do.

I decided to pick a few green beans for a meal so I came in with just a small amount. My husband came in a few minutes later and said that he had potatoes and onions to add to the meal. All of these were grown in our backyard.

As we pick more vegetables, I will ocassionally update you, but for now, have a wonderful and safe day!!